Mutiara Windiyani Nugraha: is Leaving vs to be Leaved

05 Sep

“Everybody has to leave, everybody has to leave their home and come back so they can love it again for all new reasons.” – Donald Miller

Meninggalkan – Ditinggalkan. Sebagian orang berpikir orang yang paling menderita itu adalah orang yang ditinggalkan. I was thinking about the same also. But after a while, especially after  I took a past as “someone who is leaving”, kerasa – meninggalkan itu engga enak :’).

Dari ilmu bahasa “is leaving” – present continous, ada jangka waktu berlangsungnya. “to  be leaved” – passive voice dari simple past tense, kerasanya saat ditinggal *dan efek setelahnya memang. Tapi apakah merasakan juga jeda proses yang terjadi selama “memustuskan untuk meninggalkan”? Based on my experience, especially leaving something that I love most,  beberapa bulan sebelum – wuiii, setiap berangkat sekolah yang ada pengen nangis mulu, inget anak”, inget guru”, inget tugas” kurikulum yang seabreg *pengalaman meninggalkan sekolah di Bandung, cerita lengkap menyusul :D.

Something happened today, something that reminded me to the process of leaving and to be leaved.

The memories were coming back. I remember the very first time I met her, the most beautiful girl that I met in Mentari. Someone who has a very high quality, on her brain, in her attitude, and her smile always bright up my world. One of reason why I was very exciting to come to school, because of her.

I remember the very first time I hugged her, and said “I love you” but she replied, “I love my mom”, “so, don’t you love me?” “I love my mom”, she replied..

I remember, after a very long time finally she said, “I love you too”

Imut, the most beautiful girl at Mentari last year – secara jadi satu”nya murid perempuan,sekarang juga deng, di Kiddy Cuma ada satu perempuannya, kalo di Playgroup banyak :). She’s not just a student for me, she’s a friend of mine. I was learning a lot from her also..

She’s not with us anymore, but her spirits stay. We already made a lot of histories. She might not remember, but the pictures will be the epigraphy of our togetherness :).

Ga ada yang meninggalkan, ga ada yang ditinggalkan. Sebuah proses pencarian jati diri saya. Proses usaha untuk menemukan yang terbaik. I do really wish the best for her. Love you, as always..


Ma, nitip imut yaa.. Makasih banyak udah mempercayakan Imut di Mentari..

Makasih banyak juga, bukan hanya menjadi orang tua – tetapi juga teman bagi kami..

Keep in touch ya 😉

especially for my beloved student,

Mutiara Windiyani Nugraha


*siapa ini yang motonya? 😦

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Sept, 5 2012, 10:34 pm

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