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Glee the Music Season 4 Volume 1 (Deluxe Edition)

Finally, there is the official album for this 4th season. Here’s the tracklist:

Track List : 
1. Blaine Anderson – It’s Time 
2. Rachel Berry- New York State Of Mind
3. Rachel Berry & Brody Weston – Give Your Heart A Break
4. Santana Lopez – Mine
5. Finn Hudson, Blaine Anderson, Santana Lopez, Kurt Hummel, Brittany Pierce, Will Schuester, Emma Pillsbury and Rachel Berry – The Scientist 
6. Jake Puckerman and Kitty Wilde – Everybody Talks
7. Blaine Anderson and the Warblers – My Dark Side 
8. Kitty Wilde and Marley Rose – Holding Out For A Hero
9. Sam Evans and Blaine Anderson – Heroes 
10. New Directions – Some Nights
11. New Directions – Homeward Bound/Home 
12. The Warblers – Live While We’re Young
13. New Directions – Gangnam Style 

Deluxe Edition
14. Cassandra July with NYADA students – Americano / Dance Again
15. Isabelle Wright, Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel – Let’s Have A Kiki
16. Brittany Pierce and Sam Evans – Something Stupid

for the download link, you may go to: Read the rest of this entry »

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Guidance Session for Today Only

Today will be our very first time for us doing the Guidance Session. At first, I planned we will have about 15 minutes for each group. Fortunately, one of my good friends, Mr. Nuril is in Sumedang this week. He is an English Literature Graduated student, a Novel Writer, and also one of EF Teachers at Tanggerang.

So, today we will have ‘two times’ for the Guidance Session. Don’t worry; there will be only 10 minutes for each Counselor. It means, there will be only 20 minutes for each group. Make sure you bring the ‘raw materials’ for our very first session.

Here is the schedule for today: Read the rest of this entry »

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Proud to be Me as Who I am…

Many people yell at me as a man who are watching Glee..
Yea, everyone has different taste of genre of music or movie or drama,
However, this is one of my choice..

I love the music that more meaningful since I know the pre-story before it,
I love the ‘classic to up2date’ songs that they introduce,
I love the ‘ordinary people’ or can be also ‘unwanted people’ who fight for them to be seen,
I love the friendship that they have,

But the most important thing of all is,
It remind me how proud I am as an educator,
As someone who has no chance to make mistakes, since people will see you as the example,
As someone who can create a history of people’s journey,
As someone who can be inspired,
As someone who has a chance to change someone’s life..

Proud to be me, as who I am…

November, 23 2012, 11:25pm

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The Schedules of Guidance Sessions

Like I’ve told you before, there will be no class meeting for the next. We will conduct ‘The Guidance Sessions’. There will be the schedules, but all of you should be ready anytime since when the other groups do not appear at that time, we will continue with the next.

Here, you may see that the lecturer also a human. The things that we’ve done not only taking care of one or two students, but there are many. Besides, there is may be other things to do beside ‘students’ things’ – like Mentari for me. So, I will be very happy if you are ready and follow the schedules well.

Every single meeting, there will be only 2-3 meetings I guess; I hope that you will bring the best thing that you can bring. A paper is a must. Give me the scratch of your findings, then we have something to discuss ;).

Here’s the schedule: Read the rest of this entry »

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I Choose You…

Setiap orang memiliki kesempatan untuk memilih,
Akan ada konsekwensi atas apa yg kita pilih,
Ada pelajaran baru yang harus dipelajari di dalamnya,
Tidak ada pilihan lain selain siap,
Dan kita pun akan percaya pada akhirnya,
Ada rencana indah yang dipersiapkan olehNya untuk kita semua.. 🙂

November, 21 2012, 11:09pm

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Think – Write – Speak Groups

So sorry, I just can post the groups for our next project just now. Here they are:

a. Teachers’ Problems in Understanding the Text Books
1-2 Trian, Aa Asep, Kiki, Median
3 Melda, Mumuh, Dendi
4 Caca, Asep, Pian
5 Trie, Heni, Wiwin, Lia
6. Gilang, Ridwan, Dede M.

b. Students’ Problems in Understanding the Text Books
1-2 Rio, Rizar, Sri
3 Stefani, Revieana, Susi
4 Karina, Endang, Nenden
5 Arip S., Desi, Wila
6 Karlina, Tresna, Ucu

c. Awkward Findings on Elementary Level’s Text Book
3 Mulyadi, Angga, Susilawati
4 Vini, Herni, Didin, Rohanah
5 Rani, Neng Sinta, Tuti
6 Dede, Arif, Jemmy
6 Lilis, Ipah, Ati

For the time of the guidance session will be announced soon. This week, find out the raw materials of the themes. Next, every single meeting you should bring ‘something’. Good Luck 😉

November, 21 2012, 7:31pm

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Indonesian Japan Innovation Convention (IJIC) 2012

Last Friday night, not Katy Perry’s song, one of my friends – Yessy Zakaria, mantan Ketua Departemen Humas dan Advokasi ESA 2006/2007, sent me a message in the middle of the night, “Pik, I have an invitation for you for coming to IJIC, do you want to come?” Then I checked to the Internet, and I found a brilliant event 😀

Beberapa bulan kemarin Yessy sempet nanya” memang, “Pik, waktu kita dulu ngurus AECS (Annual English Contests and Seminar) itu apa aja yang harus disiapin ya?” Ga nyangka ternyata Yessy jadi bagian dari kegiatan sebesar ini.. So proud of her pokonya.. Dan tentunya a huge thanks for ithe invitation 😉

Indonesian Japan Innovation Convention (IJIC), pertemuan antar dua Negara ini punya tujuan” yang keren menurut saya, :

  • To generate and promote innovative products, processes and markets, in both countries.
  • To promote activities on entrepreneurship in both countries.
  • To enhance mutual collaboration between Japan and Indonesia especially in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development amongst universities and industries.

Acara ini akan diselenggarakan pada tangga 30 November – 2 Desember 2012, Jumat-Minggu, Sabuga Bandung. Untuk Convention-nya dibatas hanya untuk 500 peserta, itu pun dengan biaya 500.000.

Acara ini lebih dihebohkan dengan para pengisi acara yang super”, Read the rest of this entry »

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