Glee Season 5: We are Ready to Rock!!!

23 Sep

0923_glee 5Glee will be back everybody!!!!! Please take the note: September 26 2013…With the brand new season, several fresh bloods are coming to fulfill our days with many great stories and songs. Walaupun harus diakui, there will be different without Cory here.. :’)

However, there will be two artists who join: Demi Lovato + Adam Lambert. Wow.. Wow.. Wow..


Demi Lovato will be a new character named Dani, someone who wants to be an artist in New York, together with Rachel and Santana. The gossip said – she will be ‘love-interest’ of Santana, hmn.. She will appear in the 2nd episode of this season.


0923_adamAdam – he will be named Starchild, someone who will ‘play more acts with Kurt’. Since they have same backgrounds, hmn.. let see what will be happened.. 🙂 He will appear in the forth episode..

The first two episodes will be the tribute for the Beatles: with Beatles songs of course… The third episode will be the tribute to Cory: the casts will sings the song that had been sung by him, must be an outstanding episode.. Then the forth episode will be the entitled “A Katy or A Gaga. Yups, there will be (SPOILER ALERT) Applause, Roar, Wide Awake, and Marry the Night.. It must be awesome!!!

So, are you ready to rock?


September, 23 2013 1:37pm

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