Waiting is Suck..

08 Dec

Perjalanan Sumedang-Bandung, seorang sahabat mengingatkan, “A, will be very great if you can manage your time better, when you promised something-make sure you prepare for the time to go the real time you promised, waiting is suck.”

“Ouch.. With my whole activities, should I let it go one of them?” “No, you just have to manage them all. The key is, don’t let someone’s waiting. They are all important, I know, but, I thought you can leave for a while, as long as everything’s handled, better for you to check the other on time”

Pagi ini, pelatihan guru” Mentari bareng Kepala TK Al Irhaam, jauh” dr Bandung.. Siangnya ‘janjian’ sama anak” tingkat 1 tuk ngbrol bareng sekalian poto” bareng. Ditambah ‘janjian’ ketemu anak” tingkat 2 update perkembangan field trip. Ditambah ‘janjian’ ketemu kang Denny ngobrolin proyek penulisan buku. Ditambah bantu nyari dompet mahasiswa yg ilang – yg ternyata dompet sendiri ikut”an ilang, untungnya ketemu sama Security kampus. Ditambah harus ngirim data tim penulis buku. Ditambah harus download Glee episode terbaru (Pentiiinnggg :p). Semua agenda hari ini beriringan hingga waktu jeda pun hampir tak ada, yg ada justru saling menindih..

Merasa sangat produktif di hari sabtu ini. Alhamdulillahnya dapat mengakhirinya dengan meluapkan cerita kepada sang Bunda di waktu hampir tengah malam ini. She’s a good listener, as always. In the end, bisa ketawa” bareng sama ade nonton Running Man :).

Many things happened, but I learn something’s valuable – First thing first, but the most important thing is, don’t let someone’s waiting – it suck..

Thanks a lot Ke for a full week in Sumedang: Sharing Moments at Campus with 2nd & 1st grade, the #AClassWithoutASpokenWord is our masterpiece, no doubt; Mentari’s Company Profile; and of course, my Wedding’s stuffs 😉 Be ready for the next amazing race with the schedules of mine 😉

Special note for Rakean Mohammad Asad, the next Anestesi Projects, will be burnt 😉

December, 8 2012, 11:05pm

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