The Schedules of Guidance Sessions

22 Nov

Like I’ve told you before, there will be no class meeting for the next. We will conduct ‘The Guidance Sessions’. There will be the schedules, but all of you should be ready anytime since when the other groups do not appear at that time, we will continue with the next.

Here, you may see that the lecturer also a human. The things that we’ve done not only taking care of one or two students, but there are many. Besides, there is may be other things to do beside ‘students’ things’ – like Mentari for me. So, I will be very happy if you are ready and follow the schedules well.

Every single meeting, there will be only 2-3 meetings I guess; I hope that you will bring the best thing that you can bring. A paper is a must. Give me the scratch of your findings, then we have something to discuss😉.

Here’s the schedule:

Time Groups
01.01 – 01.15 1-2 Trian, Aa Asep, Kiki, Median
01.16 – 01.30 3 Melda, Mumuh, Dendi
01.31 – 01.45 4 Caca, Asep, Pian
01.46 – 02.00 5 Trie, Heni, Wiwin, Lia
02.01 – 02.15 6. Gilang, Ridwan, Dede M.
02.16 – 02.30 3 Mulyadi, Angga, Susilawati
02.31 – 02.45 4 Vini, Herni, Didin, Rohanah
03.01 – 03.15 5 Rani, Neng Sinta, Tuti
03.16 – 03.30 6 Dede, Arif, Jemmy
03.31 – 03.45 6 Lilis, Ipah, Ati
03.46 – 04.00 1-2 Rio, Rizar, Sri
01.01 – 01.15 3 Stefani, Revieana, Susi
01.16 – 01.30 4 Karina, Endang, Nenden
01.31 – 01.45 5 Arip S., Desi, Wila
01.46 – 02.00 6 Karlina, Tresna, Ucu

For those who are on Tuesday from 1.00 – 2.45, you may follow the next class of Tourism III. And for those who are on Tuesday from 3.00 – 4.15, you may follow the 1st class of Tourism III😉

See you then😉

November, 22 2012, 11:05am

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