The Speech Contest: Final Round

14 Nov

Gratitude be upon Allah swt, the most Gracious, the most merciful. Only just by His bless we are finally be able to become the witness of the biggest contest for the 4th Grade of STBA Sebelas April Sumedang, the Speech Contest.

This contest is a part of Public Speaking Project, which already followed by several stages. First, there was a preliminary round when all of the students were divided into 5 groups and delivered their speech in front of different classes of STBA students. After that, we got the big 3 from each class and we had the Big 15. We went to the next round while the Big 15 should perform in front of judges, the graduated students – then we got the Big 10 who already performed yesterday.

This is no easy, I know. Every single student already showed their best. I do believe that we already see a lot of amazing ideas, beautiful concepts, and also awesome solutions for the problems that we faced for the Tourism Sectors in Sumedang.

This will be impossible, without a help from my lovely sister here, Mrs Diah Gusrayani, M.Pd. Her support for me: irreplaceable. Besides, my lovely brother, Dr. Yosef Kamarulloh , who also there for me whenever I need, thank you so much for the last-minute call. Of course, my best partner here, Mr. Taufik Abdullah, S.E., M.M.Par., who accompany me and help me from the very first time of this project. Thank you so much.

Several may think this is just an ordinary task. However, by this kind of project I found many great treasures here. I know your potential better, developed, and I feel so pity for any lecturers who isn’t me today.

Taste every moment, and live it out loud, because this is the time to be more than a name or face in the crowd: This is the time of your life. I’m on the edge of glory, and I’m totally grateful to share this moment with all of you 🙂

Here are the result of the Semi Final and the Final Round:

You can see above that the scores are close enough. Like Teh Di said, all of you already the winners actually ;).

At first I thought I couldn’t give you anything but certificate only. Fortunately, Bu Eneng, the chief of STBA agreed to give Trophy for the Big 3. Then, in the very last minute, FiFell Collection Boutique of Teh Diah gave 10% discount for the whole spectators and also the participants. Besides, for the first, second, and third winners, they will got 25%, 20%, and 15% discounts. Then, also in the last minute, I’ve got another prizes from Bank Muamalat Indonesia which gave souvenirs and also the free payment for the opening Bank Account – thanks a lot for Ms. Meity ‘Ulan’ ‘Abdullah’ ;). Last but not least, for the Big 3, they also get the opportunity to become Announcers at Radio Citra, thanks a lot for Vivi 😉

This is not the end. I prepared the next project, and I warn you – the tension is higher of course ;). Thank you so much. Really proud of you all 😉

Nov, 14 2012, 11:37am

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