The Big 10

07 Nov

These two days might be one of the best day of my life, and I do ready to create more and more. Yesterday was the real competition I saw. At first I planned I will be the one who decide to choose those who will enter to the next round. However, after I re-read your script, I remember the very first step that we walked on, I do realize, I cannot do it by myself. I should put myself out of the zone, so I can do my best to be your coach-only.

Thanks God, in the very last minute I met Kiki and also Wisnu, my two wonderful students who already graduated from STBA. With a help of my beloved twins by the name, Mr. Taufik Abdullah also gave his best shot by giving the input for the contestants.

It was not that easy to do. Choosing the chosen students, make it 10, we had a lot of argues, we discussed a lot, and finally we decided who go to the next battle.

At first I planned to just put the names here, on my blog. But since I left my modem at home, besides – I think it would be a good opportunity to talk with you personally, so I can give you a suggestions for the next rounds.

Almost every single of you do your very own best performance. I do believe that your brilliant ideas and also amazing solutions can create a betterment for Sumedang Tourism :). I really can’t wait for the society recognize you as people who can change the world ;).

Here we got 10 names who enter the next battle. Those people are not the best 10 in scores, but they have a very huge potential to be shown. Here are the names alphabetically:
1. Arif Suhendra
2. Caca Gunawan
3. Dede Gustian M.
4. Gilang Harissudin P.
5. Karina Suherman
6. Karlina Sutarmo
7. Melda Cahara
8. Rani Nurbaini K.
9. Rio Aditya
10. Stefani Josephinne N.

The next round will be held on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. There will be judges, there will be the final round, there will be a new topic that can be prepared for the only 5-10 minutes, there will be the winner who can represent STBA Sebelas April Sumedang.

It’s not that easy, but we will try our best on it. I do believe in all of you, thank you for giving me your best efforts for this project :).

For those who didn’t enter to the next round, I already told you, every single of you has your very own reasons. But I believe that your potential can be developed better for the next. Thank you so much for being there. Don’t stop believing, trust to yourself. You already the winner(s) of mine :’).

Congratulation for all of you. You already created a history, and it is awesome. Let’s create another ones 😉

November, 7 2012, 11:14pm

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