Big 15 of Speech Contest

01 Nov

Finally, it came to the end of the first round. After a very long journey, we finally find the big 15 of the Speech Contest. Congratulation! Your hard work already paid.. Just prepare for the next round 😉 For others, keep in spirit since I know you tried your own best, you all did a very great job, I do appreciate it :D. Here the result of the whole process that we’ve already passed..


And here we are, please welcome for The Big 15 of Speech Contest STBA Sebelas April Sumedang 2012:

The next stage, for those who already submitted the Speech script, you can take it tomorrow at Mentari Preschool. For those who don’t, please submit the text tomorrow maximum at 1pm. I will give the comments for the texts, then I’ll return it on Monday. On Tuesday, we’ll meet to make the one and one session. You will perform in front of me, will be recorded, then I will give the comments directly. Then, you can fix the speech for the next Thursday after Speaking class. In the end, I will announce for those who become the big 10. I do believe that you will do your best, so once again congratulation! Proud of you all.. 😉

Nov, 1 2012, 7:35pm

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