What Goes Around, Comes Around…

29 Oct

10 days. What an amazing moment I had. At first I thought I would spend boring days, but I was wrong. I have two wonderful sisters who accompany me, especially the little one who I spent my time with more than anyone here. Watching movies together, reading book together, discussing many silly subjects, awesome. I have a wonderful mother who tried her best to do special cook for me, her amazing food – irreplaceable :’). I have an amazing dad with his care with my condition, and in the last day he bought me also sandals, hoho.. “sendalnya udah jelek gitu pik,pake yang ini ajaa” :’)

My fiancé who always gave her best care – even with no-time-to-meet by this ‘karantina’, I can see you clearly with my heart, dear :’) Her parents who also came here gave their best support, huge thanks :D. Uda + Enna who put their best effort to find my house, hehe.. And also their amazing book, Grimm Stories, and I should learn again how to read in Germany :’) danke..

I had wonderful time. I really enjoyed it. Even I should sleep in ‘special bed’ with ‘special pillow and blanket’, I should use only one ‘special towel’, I do love them all.Tomorrow, I’ll come back to Sumedang. This place is amazing, no doubt. But Sumedang also is waiting for me. I miss my students a lot, I miss their smile, their laugh, their hugs *the Preschool, not the campus ones :p. I miss also the teachers’ interaction, the meeting, the eating, the singing, hoho..  At campus I cannot wait for more for our speech contest, for the stories that I’ll bring for the reading class. At dorm, I know my friends also missed my appearance during ‘the nightlife’, hehe.. I miss you all.

Time goes by. I know. Yesterday was history, today is a gift, and tomorrow will be mistery. Many things are waiting, several should be done, several should be faced, several should be passed… And what goes around comes around… Cause I’m ready, I should be…

Adakalanya kesendirian menjadi hadiah terbaik. Keheningan menghadirkan pemikiran yang bergerak ke dalam, menembus rahasia terciptanya waktu. Quote by Dee from her Filosofi Kopi which accompanied my last minutes on my ‘delicious bed’.. Next week, I’ll be back!!!

Oct, 29 2012, 12:23am

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