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17 Oct

Today I learn, I was selfish – or still I am…

Yesterday was my bad day. I just felt unwell with my body – just became a silent person at school. At the campus, I became a very sensitive lecturer – getting mad with rising tone of voice. Something wrong with my body I know.. At that time, I thought because I didn’t have my breakfast and lunch – cause the unwell condition.

Today, I decided not to go to school. I should also check my students Speech Scripts before the competition begins. I bought my breakfast and lunch in the same time, since I felt so weak at that time. But after I got the medicine from my teacher *thanks a lot for Ms. Siti + Ms. Imma who brought the aspirin for me, and got my ‘light sleep’, I was feeling better.

Then suddenly, right before Ashar, I just realized – a tiny round liquid spot appears on my chest. Tiiiiinnnggggg.. My mind was checking the memory when one of my lovely student at Mentari was sick – then last Monday – we both gave our daily greeting – Hugging each other and says – “I love you”, and replied “I Love You Too”.

It might not the main factors. Sumedang – Jakarta – Bandung – Sumedang was not a short journey. Maybe I was too tired. In the same time, I skipped my breakfast + lunch also. So, here I am.

Varicella simplex. Or, in Indonesian we called – Cacar Air.

Oh my, how could it happen to me?

Fortunately, my very best friend who just married – Another Opik, come to my dorm, without any appointment before. I know we both have a very good connection by our heart *hoho, and God sent him to help me in passing this through. He accompanied me to my personal doctor – my big bro in Sumedang, Kang Jo, then he told me. Yes, it’s positive. I just couldn’t hide my smile imagining what my life will be for the days after. He gave me the medicines, for free, hehe.. *huge thanks kang.. He also gave me several notes to pass this phase.

This afternoon when several of my neighbors knew that I didn’t come to school, they knocked my door, asking my condition, showing their best care. And after I came back from doctor, they were curious about my illness, and when I told them – “ok, don’t stand so close to me” Ouch..

Then I realized, there was the time when I was him. Becoming someone who never get that kind of illness – yet, do not want to stand so close just because afraid of getting the same illness. So I do understand about their reaction, hehe.. All I know, they care about me – still, they love me – still, haha.. how confidence I am.

I already bought a full bag of food – to accompany me for my hibernate time. I already prepared several books to be read. I already downloaded several movies to be watched.

I still have my family, my fiancé, my friends, many people who love me with their own way.. *still become a confidence person, hehe.. For now, I just need my time alone, to hibernate, to reflect and evaluate my self. I know God love me a lot, He gives me some times to take some rest in this middle rush. I know, He tries to remind me – this is what people feel – when become unwanted, so don’t be.

I think I will have several posts for these days, still try to enjoy the day, and milk the moment 😉

Oct, 17 2012, 10:43pm

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