Glee Season 4 Episode 4: Break Up

05 Oct

Nobody said it was easy.

The tension was too fast. I didn’t even remember the last time I breathe. This episode was killing me so bad. Every single scenes, every single songs, every single lyrics came out there were freaking me out. There was a time when I asked myself to stop it – since I was afraid what would be happened next, but in the same time I was too curious to see what would be happened. Lebay, hoho.. But I do mean it :).

Tentunya penasaran apa yang terjadi setelah di episode kemarin Finn tiba” muncul di New York, pas ketika Broody lagi barengan sama Rachel. Dan ternyata silent period happened. When Finn and Blaine sang Barely Breathing, it sounds really awesome. Technically, their voices blended which is cool. Besides, the song really portrait what things happened between the two couples.

Then suddenly Blaine came to New York. At the Café, when Rachel and Broody sang Give Your Heart A Break– they totally nailed it. The song was amazingly cool – both lyric and also the way they did it. When Blaine sang Teenage Dream in acoustic version – the song that he sang in front of Kurt for the very first time, he brought it very great. I could feel the emotion inside.

When Rachel said that Broody kissed her – once, then Blaine said that he was with someone; the situation became a very great introduction for Don’t Speak. This song was very classic, and I do understand the message inside more now! It’s another power of Glee :).

Finally Santana is back – but she brought a bad news. When she sang Mine to Brittany with a full emotion, at first I didn’t think badly. But when I saw the lyrics closer – ya, it was too hurtful to get. They officially break-up. Kitty and Jake were the second couple who officially Break-Up. Then the last, when Rachel came to the studio – she told Finn – she was very mad at him because he didn’t give any news for 4 months. Then they were also officially Break-Up. The information from Wikipedia: The relationships of four of the couples are tested—Will and Emma, Rachel and Finn, Kurt and Blaine, and Santana and Brittany—and at least one relationship does not survive. Not one, but two of them already officially :’).

There were no clear statement about the next relationship of Kurt-Blane, and also Emma-Will. But yup, they also had serious problems.

In the end, they closed the curtain show by The Scientist perfectly. 8 people sang their parts amazingly. Ditambah flash back ketika 4 pasangan itu ketemu untuk pertama kalinya. Damn! And it toally killed me when I should wait for another 5 weeks for wait the next episode :’)

Haha.. Review yang lebay. Mohon maklum. Tensinya masih di puncak. Tapi beneran asik banget nonton episode ini, semua lagu”nya keren” – dan dapet banget pesen dari masing” lagunya. Sejenak saya merasa sedang menonton pertunjukan Broadway dimana antara drama dan lagu bersautan dan saling terikat – cool man! Sekarang harus nunggu 5 episode untuk episode selanjutnya,  memang –  nobody said it was easy, especially for me :’)

yang mau download episode ini, just go to the page

Oct, 5 2012, 5:20pm

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