Public Speaking_ 3rd Analysis

19 Sep

What will you to attract people? When I asked you, what I need to be the answer is – enjoy it! And Jemmy added by – make it honest! But I’ve got also ‘wowow’ answers from Melda, (1) I will sing powerful. (2) I’ll do something strange if it is possible. (3) I’ll make noisy. (4) I’ll shouted by using megaphone. Oh my.. I didn’t ask you to do that, right? J. And also ‘out of the box’ answer from Heni (1) ask the phone number. (2) borrow something, like novel. (3) try to give questions, like what do you like? (4) send messages, quotes, or even poem like – “he’s the miracle of the life”. Ouch.. Really out of the box, but that what I asked you all to do, surprise me! Think free, go out from your safe zone, be different!!!

Almost all of you gave a significant change. Ini yang saya inginkan, singkirkan sejenak jawaban” yang ada di buku, segala keformalan, teoritis, general information that ‘everybody knows’, make it original from your mind!

Here’s the result:


Sempat ketika semangat ini sedang turun, ditambah pekerjaan yang cukup menumpuk, ingin menghilangkan rutinitas ini. Rutinitas ini baru bagi saya. Analisis di setiap pertemuan, penilaian hari itu juga, dan nilai langsung diposting di Blog. Saya hanya ingin memperlihatkan dan membuktikan, saya tidak bermain-main dengan Anda, bung. Susah nyari pendidikan murah sekarang, kalo ga bener belajarnya – pertanggungjawaban apa yang bisa diperlihatkan kepada orang tua – yang terpenting: diri sendiri? Do what you can do today. Don’t put what you can do today for tomorrow, because we’ll never know what tomorrow will brings…

Kaka Nuril, thanks a lot for accompanying me.. I’ll be waiting for the next Ice Milo😉 Hope we can meet soon – and the antonym from Savage Garden song will not happened😀

*ini postingan udah beres dari setengah jam yang lalu, eh – something wrong with the connection. Anything can happened, just be ready for the surprise.. Noted..

Sept,19 2012, 1:26 am

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