RC1_ Paint our Library

19 Sep

Like i told you before, tomorrow we will paint our lovely library. Tentu saja ga pake cat tembok, nanti dimarahin sama pa’ Endang, hehe… Lets create posters to make anybody feel more comfort at library. Here’s the quotes what we will use for the posters:

  1. A good book has no ending.  ~R.D. Cumming
  2. A dirty book is rarely dusty.  ~Anonymous
  3. Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.  ~Jessamyn West
  4. Book lovers never go to bed alone.  ~Anonymous
  5. Never judge a book by its movie.  ~J.W. Eagan
  6. We read to know we are not alone. – C.S. Lewis
  7. The greatest gift is a passion for reading. – ElizabethHardwick
  8. Today is a reader, tomorrow is a leader. – Margaret Fuller
  9. Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere. – Mary Schmich
  10. A man is known by the books he reads. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  11. Think before you speak. Read before you think. ― Fran Lebowitz
  12. Easy reading is damn hard writing. ― Nathaniel Hawthorne
  13. Reading one book is like eating one potato chip. ― Diane Duane
  14. Librarians are tour-guides for all of knowledge. ― Patrick Ness

Tinggal disiapin karton putihnya + alat warna, Konsep boleh dibuat di rumah, tapi untuk pengerjaan posternya kita sama” besok jam 1. Urutan quotes di atas sama kaya pembagian kelompok kemarin ya 😉 Happy Reading 😀



Sept, 19 2012, 1:33pm

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