OST Glee Season 4 Episode 2: Britney 2.0.

17 Sep

Okay, ditengah” tugas merevisi kurikulum yang weleh weleh ini, ada baiknya sedikit me-refresh otak dengan mengupdate OST yang udah officially announced untuk episode 2, Britney 2.0. As we know before *sapa we-nya coba?, di season 4 ini bakal ada Tribute to Britney Spears lagi, kaya waktu dulu di season 2. Dulu dita sempet disajikan betapa hebatnya Glee mengcover I’m A Slave for You, Me Againts the Music, ..Baby One More Time, Stronger, dan pastinya yang master peace banget Toxic.

And next friday, be ready for these numbers:

1. Oops!… I Did It Again – Rachel
2. Hold It Againts Me – Brittany with Cheerios
3. Gimme More – Brittany with New Direction
4. Boys/Boyfriend – Artie & Blaine (Mash Up: Britney Spears + Justin Beiber)
5. 3 – Sam, Joe, Tina
6. Womanizer – Wade, Tina, Marley
7. (You Drive Me) Crazy/Crazy – Jake & Marley (Mash Up Britney Spears + Aerosmith)
8. Everytime – Marley

Dari banyaknya lagu yang bakal dibawain, tentunya yang saya nanti”kan, Everytime, awal” pemberitaan, gosipnya bakal dibawain sama Brittany – wiw.. kebayang, tuh anak biasa bawain yang nge-bit, jadi slow aga penasaran juga.. But Marley – since she proved her tallent by her Chasing Pavement on the last episode, so lets see how she will kill next 😉 Dan penasaran juga Womanizer yang dibawain sama Unique jadinya bakal kaya apa, hoho..

Download link: *versi mp3 + iTunes 😉

Ok, come back to work, silabus..silabus..silabus.. :’)

Sept, 17 2012, 11:12 pm

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