Reading Compre 1_ Pilot: Read Your Environment ;)

13 Sep

We read to know we are not alone.
– C.S. Lewis

1st day with 1st Grade Students of STBA. Another mixed feelings. At first, I was so excited, I prepared many things, include several books that I should bring to the class – The Da Vinci Code versi English + bergambar kebawa, eh Twilight + Breaking Dawn ketinggalan di sekolah :’)

I just had several minutes to prepare the slides, so sorry for the awkward presentation.. I should learn more from Pa’Opik then…

Manusia Cuma dapat membuat perencanaan, Allah tau yang terbaik tentunya. At first I planned to do the activities at Library – but hey, I just knew there’s no electricity at the 2nd floor :’) So we moved to Room 25 again, at least the boys helped me to bring the things, hehe..

As the opening, I asked 2 simple questions – what do you want in our learning process? (not read the whole yet), and What is Reading? Here’s the result of our very first analysis..

Since this is our very first, so it’s ok for you using Indonesian, I focused on the message you tried to give me. And after I read yours, damn – they’re great! Without any preparation before, several brave enough to use English, several brave enough to put yourself ‘out of the box’, several even bring your own story to the answer – which is good ;).

Terjemahan bebas *karena sempet ada yang protes kalo ngomongnya in English terus :p. Intinya saya senang beberapa sudah berani menuliskan hal” hebat di luar ‘yang biasa’, apalagi ketika membawa diri sendiri ke dalam jawaban kalian, asik aja jadi bacanya, bukan kaya baca buku teks, tapi kaya baca cerita kalian 😉 *lebih enak pake English ternyata ya? Hehe..

Rencana saya untuk membacakan sekaligus memperlihatkan dan memperdengarkan Malaikat Juga Tahu from Recto Verso – Dee pun terlaksana, walo – cara baca saya masih berantakan, + hampir ga bisa nahan emosi in the end of story – lebay, hoho.. I just want you to try to enjoy the ‘reading process’ by different ways, not only read the ‘text’, but also listen the song and watch the video – to understand more about the message :). Huge thanks to teh Dee for your briliant book ;).

EXO-K with their ‘History’ I played just to show you that we can learn reading from any sources – especially from something that we like. Korean Wave maybe only affects several people, but hey – you can learn a lot from it. Since Korean speak quick enough, you can learn ‘quick reading’ by read the subtitle :D. I planned to play also one of Running Man episode, the TVSQ one – but since I knew your forehead written ‘cukup pa Korea”annya’, so I canceled :’)

Overall, I love the day I spent with you guys, lets rock the ‘reading world’, lets make it as delicious as Pizza, *like Hernowo said, dan Pizza Hut ga ada di Sumedang sodara-sodara :’).

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*dan ternyata pada lupa nomor absen katanya ya? ouch.. I reminded you to remember it, since we donot have the students number yet, there will be only arranged by your attendance list.. Kalo nama”nya diposting? ah bahaya 😀 besok aja absennya saya simpan di TU, just check it out.. :’) Or you can send an email or inbox me on my FB to find out your score 😉 so sorry..

Sept, 13 2012, 6:39 pm


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2 responses to “Reading Compre 1_ Pilot: Read Your Environment ;)

  1. Devi Sukma A.

    September 13, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    nice to meet u sir:D just wanna say,, AMAZING:D jgn pernah bosan untuk membimbing kami iaa pak,, bantu kami agar bisa seperti bapak,, hee “SMART”

    • Mr. Opik

      September 13, 2012 at 10:13 pm

      very nice too meet you too 😉 i’d try to do my best, even ‘lebay’ sometimes, hehe.. just keep remind me 😉


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