Public Speaking_ 2nd: Create the Mask

12 Sep

Manner is doing something which make God smile ^^ for it – Caca Gunawan

Today was so – mixing feeling. I was feeling very happy by your brilliant concepts for our next performance. Unfortunately, why didn’t you do it from several days ago? Why did you just talked about the concept just now? Lets come out from our safe zone, lets create a wider environment for us, for our perfect future.. There are billion things in this world that we can explore, we just faced a tiny of it.. Open your eyer wider, open your heart deeper, see how wonderful life is when you can free your soul.. 😉

Today was started by a simple question. What is manner? Still, several of you wrote the definition. Several already ‘think out of box’, and one of you did a very brilliant job.. It was just answered in a simple sentence, “doing something which make God smile ^^ for it”. Amazing. I do not need a very long definition, a very long answers – simple but meaningful..

Here’s the result then..


I just try to bring you to think out of box. I just want you to do the best thing that you can do. You do have a huge potential. There will be no more CAN’T, please add YET on it. Since I do believe that everyone has its own potential to do something great, for his/herself. Just ask your self, have you do it? Have you already the best thing that you can do? You live once, don’t regret it 😉

These masks were not finished yet – lets paint it more… 😉

Waduh, udah hampir jam setengah 2 subuh.. But I already told you, I will post the score before I sleep – I should  keep my words at least.. Lagian don’t put something that you can do today.. Emang sih ada ‘the power of kepepet’, tapi inget – besok udah banyak agenda lain menanti, atau bahkan kerjaan lain yang tiba” datang.. So, again, optimalisasi waktu 😉

Sept, 12 2012, 1:23am

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