Speak Up: You’ve Got to Be What Tomorrow Needs…

03 Sep

If you don’t do stupid things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old… – Anonymous

Finally, after a very long holiday – we will meet again tomorrow. Many plans were jumping on my head about what we will do for us – please note, us, not only you :). I do realize that last semester we had very tight schedules and tasks. Even, as you know, contextual learning is a must for me, so – every single theory should be accompanied by the practical activities. Don’t worry, I noted the evaluation, so – contextual will be continued, but the time will be added for the preparation also :).

Public Speaking – Speak in Public, by the name – you already know the aim of the subject. You should be brave and confidence enough to speak in Public. We can read the theory from many sources * I will show you several recommended books that you can use. And of course, since speaking is a productive skill, we should do a lot of practice :). For most of you, this is your very last semester to be together at the class, so – let’s create the history!

And after a very long discussion with many experts – teh Diah, pa’ Ipan, pa’ Opik, bu Eneng, bu Diany, Mentari’s teachers, Uda, Wafi, Hevi, and of course my Dinda Ayu, I decided there will be ONLY FOUR main projects that we will do for this semester :).

1. Campus Project 1: Look at Me
When I told my friends about what we did last semester, when you did the mash up, they were very excited. BUT, when they asked, “We want to see it”, I couldn’t give it, poor me :(.

So, the very first thing that we are going to prepare is – Let’s do the mash up again! :). You don’t have to create the new one, since your previous songs are awesome. We just need to practice again, with the concept of course – a little choreography, dresscode, and several attributes which will help you perform better :). We will show it to the community at PTSA, means you will perform it at the canteen, library, or several public places around PTSA which many people stay on it.

There will be video taking – of course. Then, we will upload it on Youtube. We will show the world, who we are. You can ask your friends, your family, or whoever you know to see it, since the one who get the biggest viewer, will get also the biggest score :).

The aim of this task, of course, let the world know who you are. Everyone can access Youtube, everyone can see you. If a producer get interest to you, maybe you can be the next Justin Beiber :p. Besides, let show the identity also of our beloved campus. Let people know that in Sumedang – there is a wonderful school named STBA Sebelas April 🙂 Proud to be us, as the students of STBA Sebelas April Sumedang :D.

2. Public Project 1: Live Reporting
Several of you want to be a tour guide. But do you know the basic knowledge of Tour Guide? Interpreting – translate the language directly, on the spot, without a chance to open the dictionary. I asked several students, and they still didn’t know the key concepts of Interpreting, so we will do it then.

We will go to Griya Plaza Sumedang, my BSM of Sumedang. And then – in pairs, we will do the live reporting. One will be the interviewer, who will use English of course; one will be the interpreter who will translate the questions into Indonesian, so the shop keeper can answer the questions in Indonesian, and the interpreter will translate it into English again. This is challenging but fun :).

3. Campus Project 2: Reinventing the Reading Corner
Library is the storage of knowledge, and reading is the key. 1 question, when did the last time you come there? Last week? Or never? I discussed with Bu’ Diany, the librarian of PTSA, she said that the students of STBA very rare to come there. Mostly only come only for the final paper, that’s it. Oh my..

So, as the cooling down project, lets do the Reading Campaign! We will do the campaign, ask as much as possible for people to come to the Library! We will create some posters, several yel-yel, and several performances to persuade people to come to Library :).

4. Public Project 2: Childhood Fantasy
Ok, it is your fault by choosing Preschool teacher as your lecturer, because I will bring you to the pure world – a world without fake smiles or fake values. They will say great for something good; they will say yack for something bad. They are honest, they have pure hearts, and they will choose who perform the best :).

In 90’s, we have Trio Kwek Kwek, Enno Lerian, Chikita Meidi, Joshua, and other kids singers. How about now? We still have – but just a little of kids singers. So, lets bring our childhood and show it. There will be four groups for each class, then each group will pick one song from 90’s kids singers, and after that – mix the language *translate several into English. Each class should create also the concept of the performance, mash up the four performances into one big mini drama, and then perform it – in front of the kids of course :).

Why we have to do that? It’s because I think it will be good for you, for those who are dizzy enough with this crazy world. I will let you taste the awesome pure X.O.X.O from them :). In the end, you are ready enough to be someone for your own little kids, and the world will open his hands wider :).

ONLY FOUR PROJECTS don’t worry. Then, I will add ONLY ONE additional homework for you, error analysis from the ‘One Minute Show’ videos of your final test last semester. You just have to transcript the video into the written statement, then analyze the error, that’s it :).

I do this to you because I do trust you. I do you as someone who will face the real world. The world is waiting for you. The world is looking for someone special, because the ordinary people are everywhere. Make yourself special, since you are special by your own way. Let’s do a little difference in your life, let’s do the simple present, for our prefect future :).

Use your voice, every single time you open up your mouth.. – MCR

Sept, 3 2012, 11:37pm


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4 responses to “Speak Up: You’ve Got to Be What Tomorrow Needs…

  1. stefani

    September 4, 2012 at 10:56 am

    woooooooooowwww !
    GREAT! 😀

    • Mr. Opik

      September 4, 2012 at 11:05 am

      🙂 thank you..
      *walau dalam hati siapa yang tahu :p

  2. Gavrila

    September 5, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    hmm…what do i have to say? funny, a bit crazy but challenging…i never thought those kinds of projects as yours…hmm kynya kbalik de…I who should learn from you 🙂

    • Mr. Opik

      September 5, 2012 at 10:25 pm

      ah teteh mah.. pengalaman ga bisa boong, teteh kn jauh lebih asem+asin.. *maksudnya sudah memakan asam garam kehidupan 😀


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