Taufik Abdullah, A.Md., S.E., M.M.Par.

02 Sep

When a hundred men stand together,

each of them loses his mind and gets another one – Friedrich Nietzche

I met him, for the very first time, when we were accompanying our students in their last minutes before final test week to Pangandaran, last semester. At first, I thought he would be my rival, since he made me realize that – I’m not the only one ‘young lecturer’ at campus. I heard from several students, many of them admired him (please note, admired – not admire *several still I guess, just several.. :D).

That night, when we were walking down at beach, when we were talking about many things, included the private ones, heiiii – we are connected enough, hoho.. His willing to help me in preparing the crazy games in the midnite was just the beginning, his willing to join several meetings, several preparation for the events, his willing to help me in becoming the chef of Mentari, his willing to discussed about many crazy things in life, Gratitude be upon God, I find my partner in Sumedang, hoho 😀

His brilliant thought, his wonderful ideas, his amazing characters, oh man – will be very difficult to find someone like him, wkwk..

We have several similarities, by the name of course, by the thought, by the ages (even I’m younger than him a year :p) But, heiii – we have also many differences, I am fussy when he is cool, I am complicated when he is simple, I like pop songs when he likes metal + grouch, I like cover songs when he likes the original (pik, nyanyi the beatles-nya ga usah digeter”in gitu deh..*tengkar pas latihan sebelum tampil di panggung pameran, yang akhirnya ga jadi :p) Our differences are unique treasures :p

One other unique thing, someone who introduced me to the most amazing place at Sumedang: Toga Hills, when we eat or do something, will be very difficult to pay it for both, we will pay it by ourselves. He said, “ane udah pernah liat temenan yang rusak gara” uang, dan ane ga mau kejadian serupa menimpa”.

He is an amazing lecturer, by his awesome presentation materials; he is an amazing learner, even his name already added M.M.Par (Magister Manajemen Pariwisata), he has his great willing to learn more and more – poor those who already think, that’s enough to learn – like I was before I met him; he is also a good friend of mine.

Dedicated to: Taufik Abdullah, A.Md., S.E., M.M.Par. (

thanks a lot for the lesson you gave, and please give me more 😀

(yang mana coba?)

Sept, 2 2012, 10:49 pm

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